Who am I ?

I’m a Professional Software Engineer

Over the last 10 years, I have been working in different fields of Technology. I started programming with VB6 as a hobby while I was in B.Sc 1st year(2008). In 2012 I started learning PHP after that in 2016 I joined a local software company as a Software Engineer and built various applications On PHP. My Reliable skills are:

✅ Language: PHP, VB, Javascript

✅ API: Any REST API with OAuth/JWT/Laravel Passport, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn API

✅ Database: Mysq, PostgreSQL

✅ PHP Framework: Laravel, Codeigniter

✅ PHP CMS: WordPress, OpenCart

✅ Payment Gateways: PayPal, Stripe, Autharize.Net

✅ Web Automation: GeckoFx, Selenium, etc.

My Services are given below:

✅ Web Application: I can develop various complex applications with PHP [Laravel, Codeigniter].

✅ Desktop Application: I love to make Desktop applications with vb.net and It’s my passion. I usually develop the 3rd Party app, online bot, etc. I can Automate any type of Web page using The latest Web Automation technology.

✅ E-commerce Solution: I have professional Experience on OpenCart and Point of Sale [POS] integration.

✅ Windows Security: I can make your Windows OS clean from viruses, unwanted Softwares and eventually harmful Malware.

✅ I also have Quality experience in the following areas: Search engine optimization, Social media marketing, Google Adsense, etc. Thanks!

Hire me :Fiverr

Hire me :UpWork

Email : takiahmadelias at gmail.com

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